Clinical Services

At LatAm HQ we firmly believe that there is a need for improving the body of information available for physicians to make the best clinical decision when using medical devices. Our clinical programme is focused on the needs generated by new Medical Device introductions into the market, from adequate training and proctorship programmes to well designed and conducted clinical trials and registries that can produce results valuable to both the industry as well as the physicians who use them.

With this in mind LatAm HQ has partnered with LAT Research, a Buenos Aires based CRO, and Dr Luis Lemme Plaghos, one of the region’s leading Neurointerventionists, in order to provide a Clinical Support Programme specifically tailored for the needs of Medical Device who require clinical services in Latin America.

Through our association with LAT Research and Dr Lemme we are able to provide a fully integrated clinical study service aimed at Medical Device companies, combining clinical research expertise, physician expertise, and expertise in medical devices to offer the best possible level of professional support for these companies.

Latin America Clinical Support Program

The Latin America Clinical Support (LACS) programme has been designed as a tool specially aimed at Medical Device Companies wishing to reinforce their product introductions in Latin America. LACS aims to help companies satisfy the following objectives:

  • To provide a clinical platform to enable the acceleration of product uptake by physicians
  • To develop physician confidence in new products
  • To improve the quality of scientific information available for making the right clinical decisions
  • To enable medical device companies to complement and even potentiate their clinical programmes.

The Programme is built upon three key elements:

Proctorship Programmes

  • designed according to company, product and customer needs and objectives

Post-Marketing Patient Registries

  • Well designed and independently managed
  • Provide scientifically valuable data

Dissemination Programme

  • Information on updates in key meetings

About LAT Research

Lat Research was founded in 2010 with the objective of providing support to CROs with no presence in Latin America, as well as being alternatives for the established Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies already present in the region. Lat Research currently works with many top Pharma and Biotech companies and are involved with studies from Phase I to Phase IV. The company is led by Dr Leylen Colmegna, CEO and founder of the company. Leylen is a qualified MD has more than 13 years experience in Clinical Research. The Company is based in Buenos Aires and is represented in all the major Latin American markets.

About Dr Luis Lemme Plaghos

Dr Luis Lemme Plaghos graduated from the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine in 1977. He trained first as a Neurosurgeon, and then followed this with training as a Neuroradiologist and Interventionist in the USA and France in the early 1980’s. Since then he has accumulated more than 30 years of clinical experience in the field. Luis is one of the pioneering Neurointerventionists in the region and is currently one of the leaders of the South American Working Group in Therapeutic and Interventional Neuroradiology (SAWITN/GSANIT), a group whose objective is to provide learning for Neurointerventionists in the region through sharing experiences. Luis is currently Joint Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2013 WFITN Congress. Through his experience Luis is eminently qualified to understand the needs of physicians when it comes to product uptake and scientific and clinical decision-making tools. Together with his team Luis brings a wealth of experience in designing, implementing and managing clinical studies of different kinds.

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